Showroom Akua
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Showroom Akua

The original meaning of the term hygiene is found in Greek culture, for which ὑγιεινή indicated what is healthy and healing. In ancient times, in fact, the bathroom took hedonistic  and healthful values, prevalent than the simple cleaning and linked to a series of intimate rituals and gestures aimed at the welfare of the person. Over time, these meanings were intertwined, removed and divided, to find themselves again in the contemporary vision of the bathroom. It is noted, as well, as a renewed design focus for this place, from simple to higher actual service space dedicated to the private wellness, with solutions that incorporate relaxation and body care in the living dimension.

In Akua showroom, every detail and every finish is therefore the result of curated design choices that draw on the innovation of the most renowned tile and bath companies in the industry. The variety of tactile surfaces enhances the sensory experience, while conferring character and refinement. The texture of the stone and the heat-treated wood, in union with the brushed metal, colors the environment of natural tones, warm and intimate.

The clean lines and refined ceramic finishes, the faucet and accessories embellish the setting up on small objects and bring elegance to all the details. The careful study of the light and its interaction with surfaces finally complete the project, enriching reflections and soft atmospheres that transform everyday actions in moments of pleasure! With this, the bathroom through a new vision of design, becomes an integral part of the house and a place dedicated to pleasure, the result of a clever study that combines aesthetics and functionality, in order to offer a complete wellness experience for the body and the image.


Akua living bath


12 March 2016


Architecture, Interior Design

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